Nina Tsur is a designer, illustrator, GIF maker, lettering artist, and novice front-end coder. She doesn't know why bios have to be written in third person.
Clients include GIPHY, Adult Swim, LinkNYC, Spoon Radio, and Penguin Random House.
Awards and features include the Graphis New Talent Annual Gold award for Les Diaboliques, finalist in the first GIPHY micro-film festival for Eyedrops, and the School of Visual Arts curated end-of-year shows.
For freelance inquiries, please contact:
Donga Science​​​​

Graphis New Talent Annual 2019
Gold award for "Les Diaboliques" in motion graphics
GIPHY FilmFest 2018
Finalist with "Eyedrops" micro-film
School of Visual Arts 2018
Motion Graphics Senior Portfolio Screening
School of Visual Arts 2017
Advertising + Design Spring Show