The 2018 SVA yearbook is for the students by the students. It's filled with essays, quotes, and infographics. The yearbook is perforated so that students can tear out pages and create their own mini-book.
The designers I worked with were Yejee Pae, Hyomin Kim, Luella Mendoza, and Sean Kirkpatrick. Each designer for the yearbook had their own project to work on for the book, which came together beautifully in the end. I worked on creating patterns and typographic spreads.
The graduating class were asked "What's a piece of advice you’d give to your freshman self now?" and "Describe a breakthrough creative moment you had at SVA." I used their responses, coupled with patterns, to create breather pages in between student photos.
The patterns were illustrated using a robot drawing machine, resulting in tons of experimentation and happy accidents!

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